Theo Wheel FAQs

Have a question about Theo Wheel? You've come to the right place! If you're question isn't answered below, feel free to email us or send us a message on Facebook Messenger.

Wondering how Theo Wheel works? Watch this tutorial video first.

Shipping & Payment Information
What are the shipping options you offer?
We offer standard USPS shipping options: Saver Shipping, First Class, Priority Shipping and Express shipping. Transit times are listed next to each shipping option during checkout.

When will my order ship?
All colors usually ship out within 1 business day.

What if I have an international ship to address (outside of the US)?
No problem! Please note that any customs or duty fees are not collected upon checkout. If your country imposes these customs or duty fees, you will be responsible for them.

What payment options do you offer?
We offer debit card, credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Order Information
Will I receive order updates?
Yes! You will receive an email after you order with a confirmation email, and again once your order has shipped.

Why is there no tracking number in my shipping confirmation email?
Our Saver Shipping option does not include a tracking number, which allows us to keep the cost of this shipping method down.

What if I need to change my order or have additional questions about my order?
We're here to help! Please email us at as soon as you can and reference your order number.

Theo Wheel Information
How does Theo Wheel work?
Theo Wheel is a music theory tool that combines the Circle of Fifths and the Nashville Number System. Whether it's learning scales, chords, notes or keys - Theo can help you learn and memorize music theory.

Please watch this How To Use Theo Wheel video for a more in depth tutorial on how to use your Theo Wheel.

What does Theo Wheel help with?
Theo Wheel helps with learning and memorize notes, chords and positions in different keys. What's unique about Theo Wheel is that it shows you everything you need to see in relation to a specific key, and blocks out everything you don't need to see.

It helps greatly with songwriting, transposing and referencing. It's durable and fits in a guitar case or backpack for easy transportation.

What is the Circle of Fifths?
The Circle of Fifths is the relationship between the twelve tones of the chromatic scale, their corresponding key signatures and their associated major and minor keys moving in intervals of a fifth. 

To find out more about how Theo Wheel helps you learn the Circle of Fifths, watch this video.

What is the Nashville Number System?
The Nashville Number System is a way of transcribing music by showing the scale degree on which a chord is built.

To find out more about how Theo Wheel helps you learn the Nashville Number System, watch this video.

Why are there roman numerals on the Theo Wheel?
The upper case roman numerals indicate the place of each note and chord within the major scale. The lower case roman numerals indicate the place of each note and chord within the relative minor scale. 

IE: In the key of C Major, the I (1) chord is a C, II (2) is D, etc. The same pattern applies to the relative minor scale.

Where are the Major, Minor and Diminished Chords on the Theo Wheel?
The Major Chords are referenced as "MAJ", or roman numerals I, IV, V (1, 4, 5).
The Minor Chords are referenced as "MIN", or roman numerals II, III, VI (2, 3, 6).
The Diminished Chord is referenced as "DIM", or roman numeral VII (7).

What are the notations in the top right window of the major scale? IE: 1#, 2#, 3#, etc.
Those are the amount of sharps or flats in a specific key, also called accidentals. For example, the key of G shows a 1#, which means that there is 1 sharp note in that key. When we look at the rest of Theo Wheel, we can see that the VII is an F#.

Why does it look like certain chords are mis-named? IE: In the key of D, the VII (7) is named as D flat (Db), when really it should be C sharp (C#).
In order to make Theo Wheel compact and versatile, we had to get creative. While the VII (7) in the key of D is in fact a C sharp (C#), if we were to notate as such it would have made other chords in different keys incorrect. Since D flat (Db) and C sharp (C#) are technically the same note, we change this notation.

To help with this issue, there's a feature in the top right hand corner of each note - the number of sharps and/or flats in that key. This is a way to trigger that a note needs to be changed and helps guide as to what they are.

For example, in the key of D, the first note (D) shows there are two sharp notes in that key (2#). As you look around the major scale, you can quickly tell that the notes in questions are the III (3) and VII (7). Since the key of D Major has the 2# mentioned - we know they are not going to be G flat (Gb) and D flat (Db), but instead will be F sharp (F#) and C sharp (C#).

Other Information
What is your return/exchange policy?
If you are not satisfied with your Theo Wheel purchase, please let us know by emailing us and we will do what we can to make it right.

Who is Offer Music?
Offer Music is the parent company of Theo Wheel. Offer Music does artist collaborations as well as make jewelry from reclaimed cymbals. Please note that customers will see a charge from Offer Music when purchasing their Theo Wheel.

Where are you based out of?
We are proud to be based out of Elkhart, Indiana. All Theo Wheels are printed, assembled and shipped here in Indiana.

I'm interested in ordering 10 or more Theo Wheels. Who should I talk to?
We would love to offer you a discount! Please email us at so we can get you set up.

I'm interested in ordering 250+ Theo Wheels with a custom logo printed on them. Who should I talk to?
We would love to hear the scope of your custom project and offer you a discount! Please email us at so we can get you set up.

I'm interested in getting Theo Wheels for my students. Who should I talk to?
We would love to offer you a discount! Please email us at so we can get you set up.

Do you have an affiliate program?
We sure do! We are able to create a unique coupon code for a discount and when your community/fans use it to purchase a Theo Wheel, you get money back. Please email us at so we can share more details.