Luke Holland's Signature Edition Drumstick

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Product Details

  • Official collaboration with Luke Holland - your purchase will directly support Luke and The Chinn Guitar Project
  • ACTUAL used Luke Holland stick
  • Stick showcased in a custom-made wood block featuring Luke's logo engraved
  • Each block comes serialized for authenticity (Ex: #008 of #029)
  • Only 29 made - once they sell out, they're gone forever
  • Everyone who purchases is entered to win a signed Luke Holland drumhead
  • Made in the USA with reclaimed and sustainable materials

Why are we doing this?

10% of this sale will go to The Chinn Guitar Project, a foundation dedicated to providing guitars to children in any circumstance who show a desire to learn but may not have access to instruments or instructions.

What do you think?

We asked everyone who entered the contest to win #001 what they thought of this drop, here is some of the best of what he heard from YOU...

Completely sick. Man my idol Luke Holland. Thanks for making this happen!

Pretty freakin' sweet.

Extremely sick way to get the musicians grinding

Fantastic idea first online contest I've entered

It'd be a great gift for my drummer (brother) for the holidays. He idolizes Luke.

This would be the most unreal item to ever own. Definitely would add it to my shrine!

I'ts f*ckin awesome

I think it's awsome and Luke is really the first (and favourite) drummer who made me jump on a drumset for the first time. So to have a stick signed by him would be a dream for me.

I'ts very cool! Shows love for drumming but actually looks really smart. Love it

This is probably one of the coolest drop ever! I would really love to have his stick! He's been an huge influence on my drumming since I was 8!

I would love to have something the world's best drummer has touched. Hopefully it's power will inspire me and turn me into a prodigy as well.

Very great! A very inspiring drummer, I would love to have his used stick and display it alongside my other trophies!

Luke has been my favorite drummer ever since I could remember. I started watching him a few months before the word alive. Dude is a legend and I love all his merch he's been making.

Luke holland is one of my largest inspirations and a played with stick is a must have for any big fan.

This drop is probably better than any other drop that's ever been exposed to this universe. ever. ;)


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