Theo - Music Theory Wheel


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"At Kyser, we believe that music education is paramount in the continuing success of the music industry. By partnering with Theo Wheel, we can create a high quality, eye-catching promotional item that’s also a useful tool which teaches musicians about music theory. We believe the more young musicians learn about notes and chord structure, the more they’ll want to play their guitar. And that’s a “win” for everyone!"

Max Lintner | Executive Manager of Business Development | Kyser Musical Products, Inc.

“Theo Wheel is an incredibly simple yet powerful tool to bring the circle of fifths off the page and into your hands in an interactive instructional piece that is sure to engage music lovers of all skill levels. Whether you are in your first year of piano lessons, or meeting up for a songwriting session with a friend, the Theo Wheel has a place in every musician’s home.”

Will Mason - Owner/CEO Mason Music

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 Illustrations by Christi du Toit of Cape Town, South Africa.

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