About Us

Hey, I’m Andrew

The founder of Offer Music, but also a self-professed donut lover, family man and creator from the Midwest. If you’re looking for a quick explanation of what we do at Offer Music, you’re in luck:

Offer Music collaborates with artists to make fresh and unique merch items that you won’t find anywhere else.

But getting to this point hasn’t come easy...

Offer Music started after I almost lost everything.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with stage two choriocarcinoma - a rare and aggressive cancer. What followed next was months of chemo, multiple surgeries, blood transfusions, neutropenic fever, you name it. My employer at the time even replaced my position while I was in the hospital. At the end of the year we were finally brought good news - remission!

Fresh perspective

Life would never be the same after fighting for my life, so I didn’t want to go back to a similar job. I wanted to live with less, but be grateful for each day. I wanted to work with my hands, but have it be on my own terms. Most importantly, I wanted to show my kids it was possible to chase your dreams - despite your circumstances.

I wanted to offer something different, but I didn’t know what.

After thinking through tons of different ideas, I knew I had to do something in the music world. Music brings people together and it just so happens it brought me my friends and business partners, John and Liz. We all share a common love for music and also not just wanting another band t-shirt or hoodie. Where did all the creativity in music merchandise go?

Giving fans something different

And that’s how Offer Music was born - the desire to give fans something they can’t get anywhere else. Something with meaning. Something with value. Something different. I designed and produce everything from our shop in Elkhart, IN.

Always giving back

Giving back to others is in our DNA. We want to offer opportunities to those that need it by supporting the people and organizations that make it all happen. A portion of each sale proudly supports a non-profit organization changing the world.

Thank you for making this possible!


Andrew S. Wellman
Founder, Offer Music