Nick Martin - Journal & Bookmark

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The Much Love journal serves as a place to write down anything and everything. Inside pages include encouraging messages handwritten by Nick and empty pages for journaling. Be You. Be Proud.

5.5" x 8.5" Journal
High Quality Felt Weave Cover
Handwritten Messages & Tour Photos from Nick Martin
Made in USA from 100% Recycled Paper

"What makes this journal so important is the essence of its potential. It's a place where you can dream up anything and everything. Spill your guts, share the good and the bad and express your creativity." - Nick Martin

"Sometimes simply writing your feelings down makes them less scary and gives you more power over them. Writing about how you're feeling can lead to talking to someone about how you're feeling, and those can be the first steps to feeling better."
- Brittany Snow, Co-Founder, Love is Louder

10% of each sale will go to Love is Louder, a non-profit organization chosen by Nick Martin that supports anyone feeling mistreated, misunderstood or alone.

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